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27th April - London

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One Day Workshop in London


"Chinmai is incredible he has some phenomenal ideas and I don’t care what he charges it is worth it! your message"

Bob Proctor, from the hit movie - Secret.

What is Authority Launchpad

It’s the most powerful one-day workshop on how to build your own ethical business based on your passion and your skills. You will discover how you can start to make money using what you know now without the need to go and get another certificate or degree. What you have is enough and it’s time for you to use the diamond inside you and shine.

If you are a coach, expert and speaker or wanting to be one then is is the workshop you need to get started and get established. It’s time to start earning some serious income.

This is not a motivational workshop...it is a monetisation workshop. Register ONLY if you want to create a successful brand and start earning consistent income.

It’s like 5 events in one

Your Personal Brand

Find out what it takes to build a strong foundation for your brand. Regardless of which business you are in you can build a brand around YOU. The leader of your business.

Ethical Business Plan

Do you want to attract money effortless? Then make sure your business plan is has the ability to scale and help your clients. This is the ONE thing most people ignore....

Your Signature Products

You can continue to charge your clients £50/hr - £200/hr or come to this workshop and design your very own product ranging from £97 - £997. Build ethical products so it sells easy.

Your Funnels Of FortuneTM

Sales is the most important part of any business however you ignore it, I know why you have been avoiding sell, I was just like you and now I have sold over $1.2 Million of informational and coaching products in the last 18 months. I will teach you how to design your own Sales Sequence.

Overcoming Your Sales Objections

When you pitch your product they will be objections, it is part of the game. It is your duty to sell ethically and close the deal - because when you do not close the prospect is still lost and looking for a solution. You will learn how to do it on 27th April.

Who will be doing the workshop?

Chinmai Swamy

Hi, I am Chinmai Swamy. I am an award‐winning author (of 4 books), international speaker (8 countries), and the founder of the Association of Coaches, Experts, and Speakers (ACESlive.org).

I have worked and shared the stage with New York Times best‐selling authors and transformational leaders such as Raymond Aaron, Les Brown (the greatest motivational speaker of all time), Bob Proctor (from the hit movie Secret), Dr. John Gray (author of Men are From Mars, Women Are  From Venus), Jack Canfield (creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series), and Dr. Ivan Misner (founder and chairman of BNI).

  • 1
    I have also worked on multi‐million dollar projects with Bentley, Suzuki, Virgin Active, and the NASA of India.
  • 2
    I have personally worked with 441 coaches, experts, and speakers to design their products and launch their six‐figure businesses.
  • 3
    I have directly generated 1.1 million dollars in sales in the last 18 months.

I love my life!

But it wasn’t always like this.

I used to be a rocket engineer and hated my job. I would come back home each day after work to search for another job. 

I did that for two depressing years.

So I have decided to dedicate my life to helping you do only what you love and still make a huge annual income.

Are you interested?

Great, join me at my next LIVE workshop to get started.

What are people saying about Chinmai Swamy

Thanks to Chinmai who taught me that mentoring programs are valuable and how do design them, I launched a new mentoring program for 18 students to become social media TV hosts through the new weekly show called The 707 Show

Moira Bush


After two short, one on one coach calls with Chinmai, he was able to shift my approach to speaking and sales. 

This young man walks in integrity and has keen insights into the business world and how to shift your mindsets and suggest new principles.

Jim Hetherington

Your Relationship Coach

What impressed me the most is The Yes FormulaTM which helps to close deals and win new clients faster and effortlessly. 

Raymond Aaron  //  New York Times Best Selling Author, www.aaron.com

Chinmai is incredible!!

He has some phenomenal ideas and I don't care what he charges it is worth it!

Bob Proctor  //  Star of the hit movie, The Secret

Chinmai has helped me focus, gain clarity and move forward by breaking down the steps into bite-sizes.

Chinmai has great experience and knowledge that will help you get to they next level and win!

Art C Guerrero

The Art Of Unconscious Success

Chinmai has been amazing at helping me streamline my products and offers. He has the capacity to cut through the clutter and extract the gems!

He has given me the clarity to present my coaching program in a way that shows immediately its value and makes it effortless to say yes to subscribing to it.

Anna Caterina Florio

Author and Coach

What to expect at the workshop?

Please keep in mind: this is not a get-rich-quick workshop. You will be required to do hands-on exercises and worksheets, and you’ll need to be willing to take action on the strategies you learn at the workshop.

If you are determined to become successful as a coach, expert, and speaker, and if you have the passion to monetise your message, then this workshop will do wonders for you.

This is an extraordinary event which will give you step by step instructions to overcome your self-doubt and handle fears, so you can aim for the life you’re meant to be living. Learn how to change lives — the lives of others and your own — because your message matters.

It is time for you to shine.

Authority Launchpad

Actionable Content

At the Authority Launchpad you will find the latest and repeatable strategies which you can easily apply into your business. The important thing is you will take home a mindset which will be able to predict the challenges to come and learn to handle them effortlessly.

Everything you learn at this workshop is what has been applied to generate $1.2M in sales in the last 18 months.

Inspiration and Action!

It’s one thing to want to start your own coaching and speaking business or take it to the next level. It’s a complete another level to follow through and actually do it.

Hence at the workshop you will find both, the mindset to win and  the marketing strategies which will generate results. The important part of this workshop is that you will go home with an inspired mind to take action, this new found energy will be permanent and you will go home a new person.

Tickets Are On Sale

You Can still get your seat booked in for just £27

When you register as a VIP you get these amazing bonuses...

bonus #1

Art Of Winning Book (physical signed copy)

When you attend the workshop you will get your very own signed copy of the brand new book on how you can re-discover your own true powers. The book will help you reconnect with your inner winning confidence, will help you to take control of your life and get what you want.

bonus #2

Authority Launchpad Book (physical signed copy)

Another book bonus…when you attend you will get another book of mine which has the simple and powerful concepts of how to get established as an authority. You will discover the 3 most important aspects of being a coach, expert and speaker and also identify the hidden 3 opposing forces which are ever present and when you know what they are you will easily handle them.

bonus #3

Inspirational Posters

I have designed some cool posters which will remind you how beautiful you are to keep you on track. You get them as well.

bonus #4

The WINning t-shirt

​When you attend you will get your very own superhero t-shirt, the WIN t-shirt. When you wear it your super powers will be to become who you were meant to be and help yourself and others. Create WIN-WIN situations.

Get All Of The Above Bonuses By Simply Getting The VIP tickets 

(only 12 remaining)

This will be a closed group workshop with no more than 30 people in the room. 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Action Takers Only

Authority Launchpad is the only event in its class. Most coaching workshops and events are pitch-fest or attract low quality speakers and trainers. I pride myself on creating the only one-day workshop with just content and results driven.

I know you will love the event and I also know that a few will show up with an easy go attitude, if you are the ones who show up yet refuse to take acton then please do not come. Spaces are limited to only 30 committed coaches, experts and speakers who are ready to learn and take action.

So if you are serious about yourself and your business...register and show-up. Fully. Take action on what you learn and get the results you have always wanted.

This event is unlike anything you have attended. Attend now for a small fee of £27.

Where is the workshop?

The event is going to be held at HOTEL LONDON KENSINGTON which is fantastically connected with Gloucester Road underground station just metres from the hotel with easy access to Heathrow Airport.

Address: 61 Gloucester Rd, London SW7 4PE London.

It's time for you to shine!!

I had the opportunity to be coached by Chinmai and I am grateful for his unique style of coaching, such as helping with developing clarity of next steps and selling strategies to develop my business. He is a true leader at heart and is happy to help and guide other people. Thank you Chinmai.

Emilia Sandoui

Award Winning Author, NLP Practitioner, Coach

In 30 minutes Chinmai was able to understand my business and provide a simple and effective business strategy. I now use it everyday and my business is growing.

Jeff Ramsperger

Affinity To Affluence

Chinmai is amazing. As soon as we met, from our first conversation, he gave me clarity on what and how my next steps should be, so that I come closer to my goals. From marketing strategies to selling strategies, from motivation to hard work and accountability, Chinmai is a package full of wisdom, fun and full of energy, a man from whom you can learn every second of the day.

Biaa Muntean

Chinmai’s ethical business building strategies are very easy to implement and have made a tremendous difference to my bottom line.

Dr. Stacey Cooper

Register Yourself For The Workshop Here...

I’ve engineered this one day workshop to be highly valuable. It is proven to provide quality, repeatable results. So come join me for a few hours, and I will show you how to:

  • Establish yourself as a leader in your field.
  • Start each day by overcoming your self-doubt so that you can go out and win new clients.
  • Get clarity on your goals so that you have the willingness to accomplish them,
  • Understand the common misleading myths of success in the self-development industry.
  • Craft your message and start making money using what you know now!

As a rocket engineer who struggled in the corporate world, I always knew my message was important, but I never knew where to start. Now, I have spoken in eight countries, shared the stage with Les Brown, Bob Proctor, and Jack Canfield, and helped 441 people to launch their own six-figure businesses!

The Workshop is limited to just 30 people...

As I have mentioned above this is ONE OF A KIND workshop and I have planned it to be just for 30 people. The reason being I can give you full attention and answer your questions, I want you to feel special and get 10x your money's worth.  And there are only 12 seats available now so take your choice of tickets and book it now so that you can attend on 27th April. 

  • Access To One Full Day Of Intense Training 
  • Take Home Worksheets And Planners
  • Bonus #1: Signed Copy of Authority Launchpad Book
  • Bonus #2: Signed Copy of Art Of Winning Book
  • Bonus #3: Inspirational Posters x 4
  • Bonus #4: The WIN t-shirt x 1




I'm looking forward to meeting you at my workshop. Just a reminder — it’s important to act, rather than waiting for the “right moment”!

The time is now!

Chinmai Swamy

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